July 05, 2011

Childhood Inspiration

Childhood Inspiration.
As a child, I love playing in the garden.
Looking at the flowers that were there. 
I also love to read the book "Red Riding Hood".
I also often had a dream, when I grew up a little older, I definitely will have a beautiful diamond in my hand. My childhood was also filled with a drawing of all existing forms. Round, oval, or long lines.

The first collections of my clothes is an inspiration of my childhood. 
Vintage line dress with slightly above waist. 
Sweetened with a small belt. 
Or can also be worn with a sweet Hooded. 
And look at the tops. 
You will love them and remember your sweet childhood.

Sincerely, Talullah Belle

Model: Kiky Graini
Photographer: Budz Photoworks

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